A Comprehensive Guide on Dental Health and Bone Graft Surgery

Dental implants have become a common option for replacing missing teeth. However, not everybody usually has enough healthy bone for the surgery. Anyone that doesn’t have enough bone has to undergo bone graft surgery. Sometimes the surgery can be done due to periodontal disease. This article will cover the basics of this surgery so that you can feel at ease should you have to go through it.

Factors Necessary for Bone Grafts

    • An implant requires enough bone because of the macro design of the option. Without enough bone, the treatment cannot be a long-term success.

    • If there are defects in your bones due to infection or trauma, it needs checkup

    • Post extraction edentulous resorption

Types of Bone Grafts

These are the most common type of bone graft surgery. Autograft This is a type of bone graft that involves the use of your own bone. The bone can be sourced from your hips or the back of your jaw. Xenograft This type involves the use of a bone that belongs to an animal. In most cases, the bone comes from a cow. It is usually well treated, and nothing bad can come from it. Allograft If you don’t have enough bone to source for yourself and you don’t want from an animal, you can get one from a human donor. The use of bone donated by another human is what is called allograft in bone graft treatment. Alloplast This is the use of bone made synthetically. The bone can be made of materials such as hydroxyapatite, calcium, and phosphorus. Before choosing an option, ask your dentist to explain the pros and cons of each. You can also follow his/her recommendation because they dentists know all about bone graft treatment. Talk to us if you need help from a dentist in Spring Creek.

Gum Disease and Bone Grafts

Periodontal disease leads to gum tissue loss, and worst of all, it leads to bone loss. That’s why you should always on the lookout for signs of the disease so that it can be treated as early as possible. Poor dental hygiene is a major factor that leads to this infection. Visit your dentist if you notice signs such as red, bleeding, and swelling gums. These signs can come and go, so be vigilant and visit the dentist for diagnosis early enough. If you delay, the infection will spread and infect the tissues beneath your gums and then the bone. During treatment, the dentist will clean out the infected gum tissues and anything that can make the infection worse. He then places the graft material. The material works with your body to help build new bone for yourself. If you are getting a bone graft treatment for an implant, it will take a few months before the dentist can place it. Sometimes it takes more than six months. But some grafts are only minor can be done while the dentist is placing the implant. Visit a dentist near you, and he will help you understand if you are a perfect candidate for implant or not.

Bone Graft Post Procedure

Just like with any other surgery, expect a few discomforts. Some of these discomforts include:

    • Minor bleeding

    • Skin bruising

    • Gum swelling

These side effects should disappear after a few days. Your dentist will give you some painkillers to use. Make use of your dentist’s advice, and within a few days, life will be back to normal.

How to Prevent Bone Loss from Periodontitis

If you want to avoid bone loss from this disease, you need to avoid it in the first place. Maintaining proper oral hygiene can help you avoid it as much as possible. These tips can help you with that:

    • Brush your teeth 2+ times daily and floss between them at least once.

    • Use fluoride toothpaste or fluoridated water. You can also go for in-office fluoride treatment once in a while.

    • Make it your habit to visit the dentist 2+ times a year. This way, you can get professional cleanings that can help fight bacteria that you could not clear away with your ordinary toothbrush.

    • Avoid sugary foods and take a balanced diet. Ensure your diet is full of vegetables and fruits.

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