About Bone Grafts Treatment

Losing a tooth to periodontal disease, accident or any other infection can be disheartening. Now, modern dentistry has advanced and many options are available for your dental needs.

One such advancement is bone grafting. Bone grafting involves removing a bone or bone tissue from another part of your body to repair and rebuild the damaged bone.


Bone grafting can be done for any part of your body. Dentist near TX 77379 recommends bone grafting as it helps you in getting full functional tooth again with implants.

Bone grafts are used to treat:


    • Initial fracture that your doctorbelieveswon’t heal without a graft

    • Early fracture that was not have treated with a graft

    • Bone diseases, like osteonecrosis or cancer

    • Spinal fusion surgery

    • Joint problems


Bone grafts are available in various materials which can be natural or synthetic.


    • There are two main types of biological bone grafts: Autografts and Allografts.
      Autografts is the grafting done with bones used from the patient’s own body and allografts uses bones harvested from a deceased donor.

    • As the name suggests these bones are manmade. Calcium based bone is created for the procedure and overtime they are degraded and replaced by natural bone.


First the dentist in Spring, TX will give you anesthesia to make sure that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.Then the affected area will be cleaned and your surgeon will make a cut through the skin and muscle surrounding the bone that will receive the bone graft.

Then the doctor will insert the bone graft between the 2 pieces of bone that need to grow together and then the skin around your treated bone will be closed surgically.


Spring Creek dentist says that as any other surgical procedure, bone grafting also has some risks involved like:


    • Infection

    • Bleeding

    • Blood clot

    • Nerve damage

    • Bone rejection which is very rare


Post-surgery, patients may experience a little discomfort, such as gum or skin swelling or bruising and minor bleeding, but these common side effects dissipate quickly. You should consume soft foods for faster healing.