All You Should Know About Zoom Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth enhance your smile, boost your self-esteem and help you appear younger. There are various options to whiten your teeth at home and at the dentist’s office. One of the methods commonly used is ZOOM Teeth Whitening. Continue reading about ZOOM whitening.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

It is a safe and effective procedure for brightening the color of teeth. The non-invasive procedure takes 45-60 minutes, leaving your teeth several shades whiter. In addition, Zoom Teeth Whitening does not damage the physical structures of your teeth or gums.

Zoom Teeth Whitening utilizes LED light and a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. They work together to lighten the staining or discoloration of your tooth enamel. The dentist will cover your teeth with the gel and then shine the light on them.

The intense light from the ZOOM lamp breaks down the hydrogen peroxide causing it to release oxygen into your teeth. As a result, the oxygen will flush out the stains making your teeth brighter. You will notice instant changes immediately after the procedure. You may require several treatments to achieve the desired effects if you have stains inside the tooth.

There are many types of Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments. The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed and Philips Zoom QuickPro are in-office treatments. Other options are the Philips Zoom DayWhite and Philips Zoom NiteWhite. They are at-home treatments. Your dentist will provide customized trays and a whitening gel for a few hours for about two weeks.

What is the Process of Getting Zoom Teeth Whitening?

The first step is to book an appointment for professional Zoom Teeth Whitening near you. Ensure the dentist providing the treatment is qualified and experienced. The dentist will perform a standard dental exam on the day of the appointment.

They will check the state of your gums and teeth to ensure you qualify for treatment. Our dentist in Spring TX 77379 in will ensure your mouth is healthy to avoid permanent tooth and gum damage. In addition, they will request you to fill out the paperwork concerning the treatment. You can expect the steps below during zoom whitening.

    1. The dentist will begin the procedure by thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Cleaning removes plaque and tartar, allowing the teeth to respond best to whitening. It also clears surface stains helping to achieve better whitening results.

    1. They will place a special covering over your gums and lips so that only the teeth are visible. It prevents the soft tissues from contacting the whitening agent. Then the dentist will give you protective eyewear to prevent light from the lamp from affecting your eyesight.

    1. If the dentist is using the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed option, they will start by applying the gel to your teeth. Next, they will shine the Zoom WhiteSpeed LED light on the teeth. They will perform this process three times while checking for progress. Finally, the dentist will apply a special paste to your teeth to protect the enamel.

    1. The procedure will vary slightly for the Zoom QuickPro treatment. The dentist will apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Next, they will apply a sealant on top of the gel. The sealant protects your teeth from enamel erosion. Your dentist will instruct you to brush off the whitening gel after 30 minutes.

    1. After whitening your teeth, the dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions. They will prevent extreme tooth sensitivity and maintain the white effects for longer.

What is the Cost of Getting Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The precise cost of zoom teeth whitening will depend on the dentist and sessions. Generally, the entire Zoom WhiteSpeed costs approximately $500, while the Zoom QuickPro costs between $125 and $150. At-home treatments cost less than in-office options. However, they take longer and may not achieve perfect results.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Here are the benefits of getting zoom teeth whitening:

    • The procedure improves your smile and confidence

    • The treatment is simple and non-invasive.

    • You can whiten your teeth safely at home.

    • The process is safe and does not result in enamel or gum damage

    • It takes a short time to achieve a brighter smile.

    • zoom teeth whitening is suitable for sensitive teeth

    • It works on all stains and discolorations, providing highly effective results.

What are the Side Effects of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

    • Temporary tooth sensitivity

    • Minor irritation where the whitening gel touches the gums

    • A tiny amount of damage to the enamel.

Get Zoom Teeth Whitening Near You

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