Clear Braces or Invisalign: Which Are Right For You?

The clear braces and Invisalign are a great option for straightening your teeth without getting noticed or embarrassed about metal wires and brackets. Though still there are many people who go for traditional braces, the Invisalign is catching the fancy of people. Here’s a look at some differences between the Invisalign and clear braces:

Invisalign Is More Discreet than Clear Braces.

Clear braces are attached to the teeth and they might be white in color for matching with your teeth completely. They are attached to the teeth which makes them more noticeable than clear plastic trays used in Invisalign treatment. This does not make Invisalign better, just that it is less noticeable.

Clear Braces Cannot Be Removed like Invisalign Can.

One of the significant benefits of Invisalign is that they can be removed while eating or cleaning your teeth. So you have fewer restrictions and can enjoy whatever you want. However, the treatment may take little longer than clear braces.

Clear Braces Require Fewer Adjustments.

The Invisalign tray needs adjustment every two or three weeks which means more discomfort as compared to clear braces which are only adjusted every four to six weeks. For people who can’t make out time for frequent dentist visits, clear braces can be an ideal option.

Clear Braces Are Better for Complicated Cases.

It’s to be known that Invisalign is helpful in correcting only minor orthodontic flaws. However, if you have severely crooked or misaligned teeth, clear braces will be able to offer effective results.

Invisalign Might Be Sturdier.

The Invisalign trays are changed frequently so there is no chance of breakage which can be the case in clear braces as the same braces are used for over a year.

Clear Braces Cause More Irritation in the Early Stages of the Treatment.

It’s to be known that clear braces can irritate the inside of your mouth more than Invisalign during the initial days.

Both Clear Braces and Invisalign Can Get Stained.

If you smoke, drink wine and coffee, or eat highly pigmented food, both clear braces and Invisalign can be stained.