Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Have you been told that you may need root canal treatment? Worried due to all the horror stories you’ve heard about root canals? At Spring Creek Forest Dental, we hear a lot of dental myths, unfortunately these stories can sometimes result in patients neglecting treatment out of fear. Root canals seem to be very popular when it comes to myths and today we’ll be addressing some of the most common.

Getting a root canal is painful.

Quite the opposite actually, a root canal is performed to actually relieve pain, often alleviating any symptoms that have occured due to the decayed, infected or damaged tooth root.. Due to advancements in dentistry and the use of medications, root canal treatment is actually painless.

An extraction is a better option.

There was actually a dental campaign years ago that spread this myth, attempting to push more patients to extract teeth instead of receiving root canals. There are rare cases where an extraction may be a better option, however in most cases it is best to keep your natural tooth. Extracting teeth can result in bone loss, demineralization and even teeth shifting.

Root canal treatment is only necessary if I’m experiencing pain.

While many patients who require a root canal experience pain prior to receiving treatment, this is not always true. A dead tooth can actually have no feeling while still being at risk for infection. We recommend visiting your dentist regularly to prevent any of these issues.

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