Dental Bridges: An Effective Way of Replacing Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth is quite a common occurrence in the American population. Many people have missing teeth because of many reasons, including trauma and infections. Currently, old age is no longer the main cause of tooth loss; gum disease and tooth decay take the number one spot.Regardless of how you have lost your teeth, our dentist in Spring Creek Forest has a myriad of solutions that can ensure that your smile is restored. Our dentist near you in Spring, TX, 77379, offers dental bridges that are quick to fix and are quite effective.

About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are dental prosthetics made to “bridge” the gap when you lose your tooth. Bridges have been used for quite a while and have been evolving for a long time. Now, they are better than ever. Now, we have four different types of bridges that are designed to cater to everyone’s needs.

However, a typical bridge is designed to have the following parts:

    • Pontic: It is a false tooth that fills the space where your tooth was, and they are attached to two crowns that are fixed on either side of the false tooth

    • Crowns: They are used to hold the false tooth in place and are fixed on both sides of the pontic

    • Abutment teeth: The bridge cannot work without the natural teeth adjacent to the space left by the missing teeth. The artificial crowns are, therefore, placed on the abutment teeth

Why Would You Need a Dental Bridge?

Your teeth were never designed to be far apart. So, when there are spaces in your mouth, the other teeth may begin to shift. Also, the teeth on the opposite jaw may start moving toward the gap. If this happens, it can lead to:

    • Bite issues

    • Chewing difficulties

    • Pain from the stress on your teeth and jaw

    • Self-consciousness because of the spaces in your mouth

However, our dentist in Louetta Spring, TX, can fit you with a dental bridge to help address the above changes and assist you to:

    • Keep your natural teeth in their position

    • Maintain the shape of your smile

    • Restore your smile

    • Restore your chewing ability

    • Restore your pronunciation

The Different Types of Dental Bridges

Our dentist in Spring Creek offers four types of bridges depending on your needs, and they are:

    • Traditional or Conventional Bridges

Among the different types of bridges, this is one that many people use. They are an awesome solution if you have strong natural teeth surrounding the gap. They have a false tooth (pontic) that is attached to crowns on either side. They are made from porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. They are strong and can replace your back teeth. The only issue is that the natural teeth that are used for anchorage have to be prepared before the bridge is placed. This means that the teeth have to be filed down.

    • Cantilever Bridges

The cantilever bridge is similar to the conventional bridges, but the only difference is that they have one crown attached to the false tooth. This option is good if you desire to replace a tooth with one natural tooth beside the gap.

    • Maryland Dental Bridge

When you have lost your front teeth, Maryland dental bridges are an excellent way to go. They are made from ceramic and are supported by a framework or porcelain fused to metal.

    • Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge is the same as the conventional bridge, but instead of it being supported by your natural teeth, it is anchored on dental implants. Dental implants are root replacements that are surgically inserted in your jawbone by our dentist in Spring, TX.

How Long Do They Last?

The beauty of using dental bridges is that they can serve you for over a decade. In fact, if you take care of them, they can last for 15 years or more. This means that you maintain proper oral hygiene and you don’t miss your appointments.

How Do You Care for Them?

The good thing about using bridges is that they don’t need special care. However, the success of the bridge is highly dependent on the state of your surrounding teeth. This means that you have to brush after meals and don’t forget to remove food stuck between teeth by flossing each day. Contact our dentist near you at Spring Creek Forest Dental if you need to replace your teeth. Call us now to book an appointment with our tooth bridge dentist and learn more about dental bridges in Spring, TX. Our dentist also welcome patients from communities like Placid Park, Cypresswood at Stuebner, Willowick Forest, Wimbledon Champions Garden, Cypressdale, Stone Forest, Cypress Hill Grove, Spring Creek Forest, St Winfred Dr, and surrounding communities.