What are Dentures: Their Different Types & Benefits?


How long have you waited to find an ideal and lasting solution to replace your missing teeth? Dentures can restore your degraded or missing teeth and provide you with appealing dental aesthetics. Dentures are designed with state-of-art technology to satisfy your personalized dental needs. Losing a front tooth can lower your confidence and degrade your dental functionality. However, different types of dentures can replace missing teeth and improve the quality of life. Please read this article to learn more about types of dentures and their benefits.

What are Dentures?

Dentures refer to dental prosthetics replacing missing teeth and revamping your smile. You will likely lose your teeth due to multiple reasons, from traumatic injuries to poor oral hygiene. Getting dentures near you restore your dental and facial structure, especially if your bone tissues have receded. Unlike dental implants that require an extensive and invasive procedure, dentures are cosmetically placed on a same-day appointment and are non-invasive.

Which Dentures are Ideal for You?

Dentures differ based on their purpose and how they are affixed to your dental. Your dentist will determine the type of denture that suits your personalized needs, the location of your affected tooth, and the number of teeth that need replacement. Some dentures are permanently affixed to your dental, and some are removable, and your oral specialist will determine the ideal dentures for you. Custom-made dentures look like natural teeth and are friendly to oral tissues. Thus, you must consult your dentist on suitable dentures for you.

Types of Dentures

There are multiple types of dentures, and they serve different purposes. However, the two main types include partial and complete dentures. Here’s a breakdown of some of the available dentures that your specialist may recommend you to have.

Complete Dentures

Our dentist in Spring, TX, may recommend you have full dentures if you’ve lost all your teeth. The dentures are fitted to your gum tissues.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing some teeth but have several natural teeth left, partial dentures can be a deal for you. They are removable and ensure your natural teeth do not shift from their location.

Implant-Supported Dentures

These types of dentures are affixed to your artificial tooth after an implant is surgically inserted and once the bone tissues have integrated with the abutment.

Custom-Made Dentures

They resemble your natural teeth since they are customized from porcelain or ceramic material. They are aimed at cosmetically restoring your smile.

Immediate Dentures

They replace your natural tooth after a dental extraction.

Over Dentures

They are placed on the gum tissue with a dental implant.

Upper Dentures

They are placed on the upper jaw to replace missing upper teeth.

Significance of Dentures for Your Dental


Dentures have many benefits for your dental including:

Restoring Your Dental Aesthetics: Dentures restore your smile by replacing your missing teeth and providing you with a confident smile. Dentures seal the gaps left and restore your dental structure. They are cosmetically affixed to your gum tissues to restore your dental and revamp your dental appeal. Our dentist in Spring, TX, may recommend you to have dentures as an alternative to other cosmetic appliances due to their numerous benefits.

Prevention Against Extensive Dental Procedures: Dentures are portable and are suitable for ensuring your soft oral tissues are preserved. Full dentures are vital to seal your gum tissue when all your teeth are lost. Partial dentures replace a missing tooth and prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting to the open space. In addition, dentures protect your oral tissues from severe complications that may lead to extensive dental procedures.

Enhancing Quality of Life: Missing some of your teeth inhibits you from rendering the right speech and restricts you from eating a certain food. However, dentures restore your dental functionality and enable you to take any diet and talk normally. Most dental functionalities are restored with dentures, and the quality of life is restored.

Durability: Dentures can last for long before they are replaced ad is an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth

Visit a Dentist Near You

At Spring Creek Forest Dental, we recommend dentures for restorative and cosmetic purposes. Our specialist determines the ideal type of dentures based on your personalized needs. Do not hesitate to consult our dentists if you need dentures in Spring, TX.