Do You Need a Dental Night Guard for Grinding Your Teeth?

If you are one of the many out there with TMJ, or just general jaw and teeth grinding problems, sometimes the answer to this shouldn’t be as dramatic as getting surgery. The benefits of a dental night guard can even go beyond help you stop grinding your teeth. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits associated with them, the signs that you may need one, choosing the right one, and how to clean them correctly.

Choose the Right Mouthguard

Purchasing a guard from the dentist is definitely the way to go. When getting a mold taken of your teeth in preparation of getting a mouth guard made to fit your teeth, you are ensuring that you get the proper fit and you keep your teeth safe.

5 Signs You Need Dental Night Guards

In the case that you are experiencing extreme grinding and clenching, your dentist will suggest a solution in a night guard. Other symptoms that could mean you need a night guard include:

    • Chipping a tooth while sleeping

    • Chronic grinding every night

    • If you wake up with a headache every morning

    • If you have TMJ

    • If you regularly take anti-depressants, as the side effects of some these medications are grinding and clenching while sleeping.

Cleaning Night Guards

Always clean your night guard with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Cleaning tablets are even available for a deeper clean, but be sure to avoid cleaners with alcohol in them. If after this article you feel like you are the appropriate candidate for night guards, be sure to schedule an appointment to discuss it with your dentist. If you’re in the Spring, TX, area and are looking for a new dentist to discuss these type of solutions with, be sure to give us at Spring Creek Forest Dental a call to begin a path to a healthier you!