Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Clear Aligners 


What Are Clear Aligners?

Gone are the days when the traditional braces were the only way of correcting misaligned teeth. Today, with modern technology, you can straighten your teeth with clear aligners. Clear braces in Spring, TX, are ideal for people looking for less conspicuous teeth straightening options.

Clear or invisible braces are an orthodontic treatment that corrects mild to moderate alignment problems. They are custom-built braces design to fit your teeth structure depending on the severity of the malocclusion. 

Cosmetic dentistry near you can use clear aligners to treat a range of problems like crowded teeth, overbites, diastemas, under and open bites. You can also use clear aligners on misaligned primary teeth to make room for the developing permanent teeth.

What Options Are Available?

Clear braces are available in different types, but we offer two versions; the MTM® clear aligners and the Invisalign® braces. These two clear aligners work similarly, but they are a bit different.

  • MTM clear aligners 

MTM refers to minor tooth movement, meaning the braces are ideal for people with mild to moderately misaligned teeth. Unlike the Invisalign aligners, these MTM braces are fixed on the anterior teeth (six upper and lower teeth). That’s probably why the treatment takes around three to eight months, but this will be on a case-by-case basis. You will also need fewer aligners to compare to Invisalign.

  • Invisalign

Invisalign braces are the commonly used invisible aligners. The braces are ideal for different orthodontic treatments with varying severity. It is reported to deliver similar results as traditional braces without the inconveniences associated with the metal wires.

Invisalign aligners are used to reposition all the teeth, but you will need a series of braces. These braces apply gentle and consistent pressure that gradually reposition the teeth. Also, the treatment takes 12 to 18 months to shift the teeth. Because of the depth of the treatment, Invisalign costs more than the MTM clear aligners.

How is the Orthodontic Treatment Done?

As mentioned, the MTM clear aligners and Invisalign work similarly, and the treatment is done in a few steps:

  1. Planning and mapping 
    The first phase of the treatment involves taking a smile scan using a 3D imaging scan to take precise images of the jaw. The dentist will also use software to determine the pressure and the time needed to reposition the teeth. He will show you a preview of the expected results. Finally, the scans are taken to the lab to create a series of braces that you will use to correct misalignment.
  2. Treatment process
    With Invisalign, you will receive a set of braces that gradually move the teeth. You will need to wear the braces at least 22 hours daily, two weeks each set. It is crucial to wear the aligners for the recommended time to ensure that the treatment is effective. Failure to follow the instructions will cause the treatment to halt, and it will take more time to restart it again.

It is recommended to visit the dentist every six weeks during the treatment process to monitor the progress. 

  1. The retention phase 
    After the orthodontic treatment, the dentist will give you a retainer appliance that works to hold the teeth in position. Not using the retainer will cause the teeth to revert to the previous position. 

What Can You Expect During the Treatment?

You will feel pressure and slight discomfort when you wear the braces for the first time and every time you change to a new set. This pressure occurs as the teeth shift position, but it does not last for long, and therefore you do not need any treatment.

How Can You Take Care of the Clear Aligners? 

You need to care for your clear braces, and here are a few tips:

  • Rinse the aligners with lukewarm or cold water after removing and before wearing them
  • Soak the braces in water or denture cleaner when you are not wearing them 
  • Make sure you remove the braces before eating to avoid damaging them

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