Facts About Bone Grafting

If you have any kind of dental or facial issue, modern bone grafts can be the solution that is both prescribed and necessary for you to achieve a sense of normalcy. If you are planning on getting dental implants in the future, it is most likely that you first need to get a bone graft. And the following article we will discuss what bone grafts are, and a few facts associated with them that may have you feeling a little bit better about an impending bone graft that you may need.

Bone Grafting is a Routine Procedure!

There is no need to fear that bone grafting is an uncommon procedure that dentist are unfamiliar with. Over many years, bone grafting has become a standard and highly practice procedure. Bone grafting is most often done in the office, and depending on each individual patient, a local anesthesia or sedation dentistry option is taken into account to block any pain and calm anxiety that you may be experiencing.

A Number of Materials Can be Used!

Bone grafting material has the potential to be sourced from a variety of different places. If available, we typically like to use bone from your own body, which decreases the chance of your body rejecting the graft, that is typically a problem with foreign bone tissue. However, if this is not an option, a tissue bank offers bone grafting material options as well.

Bone Grafting Allows for Your Body to Rebuild Itself!

In order to grow new bone, your body will use the bone graft as a frame to replace parts of your jaw that have degenerated due to missing or lost teeth. By keeping a healthy amount of bone tissue around your teeth, we ensure that you maintain your oral house at its optimal level. If you are in need of a dental implant, suffered a traumatic facial injury, or have a congenital defect, we would love for you to give our office a call. We are Spring Creek Forest Dental located in Spring Texas, and we would love the opportunity to get to know you or a member of your family to perform any necessary dentistry procedures. Feel free to give us a call or even send us an e-mail today.