Reasons Why Dental Fillings Deserve Respect & Not the Contempt

If you fear dental visits, you will undoubtedly treat dental fillings with contempt whenever the dentist near you informs you have cavities in your front or back teeth. It would be helpful to understand why you developed holes instead of looking at dental fillings with contempt. Fillings are a therapeutic solution to repair decayed teeth because of improper dental hygiene coupled with inadequate dental exams and cleanings.

You don’t develop cavities unless you start neglecting dental hygiene having the foods and beverages helpful for bacteria to flourish in your mouth. The microorganisms in your mouth have a single intention, and that is to deposit toxins on your teeth to erode your enamel. Cavities only develop after the bacteria succeed in their goal and penetrate the dentin. It is why the dentist near you recommends dental fillings to restore your teeth.

What Do You Do When Recommended Dental Fillings?

The first and only option available is to accept the view of the dentist in Spring to have dental fillings for restoring your teeth. However, in most cases, you probably think the cavity will disappear by itself, which it does not. In reality, the bacteria within the cavity continue depositing more toxins until they bring upon you the need to undergo tooth extraction.

Permanent tooth extraction is a normal process for many adults who don’t adopt acceptable dental hygiene practices. Losing a tooth is not the end of the problem because you must have the extracted tooth replaced by a fake tooth investing a considerable sum, and visiting dental offices multiple times.

On the contrary, dental fillings require only about 60 minutes for the entire procedure and not multiple appointments. If you decide to accept the dentist’s view to have dental filling in Spring, the dentist takes x-rays of your teeth to determine the extent of the decay before talking you through the restoration procedure.

Aren’t Dental Fillings Painful?

The Dentist in Spring doesn’t proceed with the filling process without anesthetizing your teeth, gums, and surrounding skin. The dentist ensures you are entirely comfortable during the procedure before drilling out the tooth decay and replacing it with a filling. Your mouth will likely stay numb for a few hours after the filling procedure. Thankfully no complications are associated with the process, although you must keep your dentist’s contact details in possession if you have any questions in mind.

What Kind of Filling Material Can You Have?

Currently, various filling materials are available to restore teeth with cavities. Dentists recommend you have gold or silver amalgam fillings on your molars and composite resin fillings or ceramic on cavities in your front teeth. However, no steadfast rules are applied to filling material you can have on your front or back teeth. If you prefer, you can have silver amalgam fillings on your front teeth, unaware they are not aesthetically pleasing.

The better option for you is to discuss your specific needs with your dentist and request a recommendation for the best filling material for you. You will likely receive information that composite resin fillings are better for your front teeth but aren’t as durable for your molars because they only last for five to seven years. Metal fillings are recommended for the back teeth as they can withstand the higher biting pressures and are durable for 10 to 15 years. However, it is your choice to decide which filling material you would like where in your mouth. The dentist will not compel you to select any particular variety to satisfy themselves.

Can You Experience Complications with Cavity Fillings?

It will help if you tried to learn about potential complications that may arise with cavity fillings to ensure you contact your dentist promptly for adjustments or replacements if necessary.

Sometimes the filling material in the hole pulls away from the tooth to create a tiny space. The little space becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to cause additional tooth decay. If you notice spaces between your teeth and fillings, you must contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Fillings can break, crack, or fallout. Damages to fillings occur when you bite down hard on some foods or impacts to your mouth when involved in contact sports. Such occurrences also warrant a dental visit to prevent complications that will undoubtedly arise.

As can be seen, dental fillings are innocent and merely function as restorative materials for your damaged or decayed teeth. It is why you must treat them with respect instead of heaping contempt on them. Call us now to book an appointment with our dentist near you and learn more about dental fillings. We also welcome patients from the nearby communities like Goldstar Estates, Klein Square, Wimbledon Champions Estates, Spring Creek Oaks, Woods of Spring Creek Oaks, Terranova, and Wimbledon Pines.