Crown Lengthening in Spring, TX
Crown Lengthening in Spring, TX

Crown lengthening is a common procedure in which gum tissue, bone, or both is removed in order to expose more of a tooth. Think our crown lengthening in Spring, TX, might be right for you? Schedule your consultation with us today!

Crown Lengthening Spring, TX

The procedure is done when a tooth needs to be fixed, such as to receive a filling or crown. It sometimes happens that not enough of the tooth sticks out to support the filling or crown. This could be because the tooth has broken off at the gum line or because there is decay underneath. In order to fix this problem, the dentist needs to expose more of the tooth by removing gum tissue or bone.

Some patients have a lot of gum tissue surrounding their upper teeth, resulting in what dentist refer to as a “gummy smile.” This can also be treated with a crown lengthening procedure.

Process for Crown Lengthening in Spring

Before the surgery takes place, the periodontist may fit your tooth with a temporary crown. This protects the tooth and also gives an estimate of how much gum tissue and/or bone needs to be removed. Most people receive local anesthesia for the procedure, and possible sedation as well. The gums are then cut and pulled away from the teeth, exposing the roots and bone. The area is washed with salt water before suturing. Once the gums have been sutured back together, the surgeon may place a bandage over the area for additional protection.

How long the crown lengthening procedure lasts depends on how many teeth need to be contoured and whether both soft tissue and bone need to be removed. You will be able to resume normal functions after the surgery, but it will take approximately three months for the gums to heal.

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