Should You Get Crown Lengthening

Many of you must be finding ways to improve your smile. One of the best options to consider is a procedure called crown lengthening. It gives the desired smile by removing any excess gum tissue which covers your teeth. This makes teeth look bigger and your smile even bigger. Crown lengthening is a procedure that is done for cosmetic and restorative reasons. You can consider it if you want a bigger and brighter smile.

Benefits of Getting Crown Lengthening

There are very limited benefits of crown lengthening. The two main ones give longer crowns visually and allow having restoration work done if required. The cosmetic benefit is it makes your smile bigger and attractive if you have longer looking teeth. It is a great procedure if you need restorative work. For restoration, at least 2mm of healthy tooth enamel is affixed. Restoring looks and functions like an original tooth.

What is the Crown Lengthening Procedure Like?

The procedure is painless and the discomfort during recovery is minimal. The dentist numbs an area, so you do not feel any pain. Then remove the excess gum tissue which needs to be removed. This procedure can be done on every tooth or just one or two teeth. While trimming the gum tissue, the adjustments are made to the underlying bone so that teeth appear more balanced and stay held in place firmly. Healing does not take too long. It is an easy way to improve the look of your smile.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Crown Lengthening?

The recovery is quite short. For the first 24 hours, you need to be gentle around the areas where the treatment has been done. Eat softer foods for about two days. During the recovery time, follow the post-procedure instructions. Always practice good oral hygiene and keep the areas clean. To know more about this, visit a dentist near you. They help you improve your oral health and get the beautiful smile you have always wanted. They can even help with anything from general exams and cleanings.