Difference between Surgical Tooth Extraction & Simple Tooth Extraction

Has the dentist near TX, 77379 suggested you to opt for implants for a missing or damaged tooth? Some cases need tooth extraction before the implants are placed. There are two types of tooth extraction and the type depends on the nature of the tooth that needs extraction. Some of the most common reasons for tooth extraction can be overcrowding, impacted wisdom tooth, severely decayed teeth and broken or fractured tooth.


    • Simple Tooth Extractions

The simple tooth extraction is an option for people when the tooth is visible in your mouth. When the tooth has already erupted from gum line, simple tooth extraction can take place. It requires local anesthetic for preventing the pain. The forceps are used for grasping the visible part of the tooth. The tooth is them wiggled back and forth till the time gum ligament is broken. Slow and steady pressure is applied for extracting the tooth. Sedation dentistry helps the patients experience only minor discomfort during the process.


    • Surgical Tooth Extractions

The surgical tooth extraction is required in cases where the tooth has not erupted from your gum line making it harder to access. The tooth extraction begins with an incision which allows the dentist an easier access to the tooth that needs extraction. The dentist near TX 77379 may also split the tooth into multiple pieces for easier extraction. The surgical extraction is usually performed on impacted wisdom tooth covered by the gum tissue.


    • When Tooth Extraction is Needed

The dentist in Spring, TX usually suggests a tooth extraction only when necessary for the well-being of your smile. There can be several reasons for you to go for tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is needed when teeth are badly decayed or damaged and difficult to repair with crowns or fillings. In other cases, the extraction may be needed when teeth are not supported by enough bone or gum tissues because of advanced gum diseases. Tooth extraction might become necessary if you have overly crowded mouth. Dental extractions may take some time to heal but they are safe.