The Purpose of a Crown Lengthening Procedure

What is a crown lengthening procedure? Crown Lengthening is an advanced dental procedure which is obtained when issues such as tooth decay, broken tooth, and cracked tooth occur. Crown Lengthening is the procedure performed for filling the tooth or adding a crown to it when it is decayed or has been broken off from the gum line. 

The purpose of a crown lengthening procedure People often go for crown lengthening to eradicate issues related to gum or tooth decay. A crown added to teeth can provide it proper strength to stick to the gum line. Other than this, people also choose crown lengthening for obtaining proper gummy smile and better teeth appearance for enhanced aesthetic look. 

How to prepare for a crown lengthening When you wish to go for crown lengthening procedure, you must consult an expert for the entail description of the procedure. Generally, the temporary crown is added to the required teeth initially which can protect the tooth. 

What happens during a crown lengthening procedure? After the patient visits the clinic, he is prepared for the procedure. The procedure is performed with anesthesia so that gum can easily be pulled off for treatment. When necessary procedure gets completed, it is sutured back again. The tooth is then left for recovery. The patient can get back home after a few hours of the procedure and can resume normal work with medication suggested by the expert surgeon. 

Possible risks Even though crown lengthening may have some sorts of risk but when expert surgeons are chosen, this can be reduced. The risk includes issues such as infection and little pain and right medications can actually help. 

The recovery process The patient can resume for daily routine work on the same day after the surgery. The healing process may take three months or more. 

Outlook after the procedure When performed by an expert surgeon, crown lengthening process can actually help. It is a procedure often obtained for dental and aesthetic needs.