What is Crown Lengthening: Benefits & Recovery?


Do you want a dental crown but need more tooth structure to ensure successful placement? Crown lengthening in Spring, TX is the right choice. It offers numerous benefits to the patients – the major one is a symmetrical smile. But, what is it exactly? Read on to learn more about what is crown lengthening and the benefits.

What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is an oral surgery where the dental expert eliminates extra gum tissues around the upper teeth of patients to make them appear longer. It’s not a common procedure and regularly takes under an hour to finish. It improves the appearance of your teeth by making them look great.

Dentists may also perform crown lengthening for other dental reasons. A dental crown, or cap, may be needed because of a cracked or damaged tooth. When untreated cavities become too large to fix with a dental filling, it increases the need for a dental crown.

Benefits of Crown Lengthening

There are a few benefits of crown lengthening:

1. It Saves Your Tooth

If your natural crown is broken, a crown lengthening strategy can help you out. It eliminates abundant gum tissue from around the tooth. These make it simple to install a dental crown that will help to save your tooth.

2. Improves Aesthetics

Excess tissue, short teeth, and uneven gum edges prevent you from displaying your beautiful smile to others. Crown lengthening will improve your smile by creating a more similar look to your gums and teeth.

3. Reduces Decay Risks

Typically, people with healthy teeth are less likely to have oral health concerns, like tooth decay. But high gums covering up most spaces of your tooth can make it hard to brush teeth successfully. It can reduce the risk of tooth decay because it uncovers more surfaces of your teeth.

4. It Only Takes One Day

There are numerous dental procedures out there that prompt you to return to the dental clinic time and again. It can create financial stress for some people. However, crown lengthening treatment is not one of those. It typically just takes one day.

Whenever it’s done, we can guarantee that you won’t need to return for a similar treatment once more. So, you just sit back and enjoy its benefits after your crown lengthening is over.

5. Improves Oral Health

Another reason why crown lengthening is so much popular is – it offers better oral health. If a dentist in Spring, TX, 77379 has chosen to do the procedure because of poor gums, your oral health will significantly improve.

6. It Supports a Crown or Dental Filling

For gums to properly seal a dental implant, crown, or bridge, the gum line should be at an accurate level. The crown lengthening procedure guarantees this.

7. Short Recovery Time

The recovery time of crown lengthening is small. Recovery time relies upon the type of crown lengthening procedure you had. You would get unique mouth wash and dental care instructions during the recovery stage.

Recovery Tips after Crown Lengthening

Below are some of the crown lengthening recovery tips:

  • Your gums might be delicate to hot and cold temperatures for a long time.
  • During the recovery process, avoid hard, spicy, or sticky foods.
  • Consume soft food varieties and a lot of water. It will allow the gums to heal quicker.
  • Do not drink liquor or smoke for 6 to 10 days after the treatment.
  • Keep away from pulling your lip outward to check on the surgical site.
  • Schedule a subsequent dental appointment with your dentist near you to monitor the healing system.

Are You Ready for Crown Lengthening Appointment?

Today, people can choose from different types of dental procedures to improve their smiles. One of them is crown lengthening. It is a method by which a dental surgeon reshapes your gums to expose your teeth and make the gummy smile look better. It is a simple technique accomplished for both cosmetic and restorative reasons.

The dental professionals execute the procedure to access the rotted or damaged tooth. For example, a broken tooth below the gum line. At last, crown lengthening will provide patients with a good and brighter smile.

Spring Creek Forest Dental offers comprehensive dental examinations to help decide whether you could benefit from a crown lengthening method. To schedule an appointment in Spring, TX, or contact us today.