What is Root Canal Treatment: Step-By-Step Procedure & Benefits

What is Root Canal & How it is Treated?

Root canal therapy helps eliminate bacteria from an infected root canal. The treatment also helps prevent reinfection of the tooth to preserve it. If you must undergo this treatment, the root canal endodontist near you removes the infected or inflamed dental pulp inside your tooth before carefully cleaning and disinfecting it and filling and sealing the tooth.

You become vulnerable to receiving root canal treatment if you experience severe pain in the tooth when chewing or biting or have a chipped or cracked tooth. Untreated cavities in a tooth can also expand to infect the dental pulp making it essential for you to receive this therapy from the endodontist if you intend to preserve your natural tooth. Root canals are common, and approximately 40 million people receive the treatment yearly in America. Therefore if you receive a suggestion to receive this treatment, consider it beneficial for your dental and overall health.

Step-By-Step Root Canal Procedure

Endodontic therapy is often performed in one or two visits using the following steps by the endodontic specialist treating you:

1) Examination and X-rays

The specialist examines and takes x-rays of your tooth before giving you local anesthesia.

2) Placing a Dental Dam

After numbing your tooth, a dental dam is placed over the area to isolate your tooth to keep it clean of saliva during your treatment.

3) Cleaning up the Pulp

A small access hole is made in the crown of your tooth to expose the dental pulp. Using tiny flexible instruments, the specialist cleans the pulp from its chamber and the root canals to shape the space for a filling.

4) Filling the Canals

After cleaning and shaping the space, the specialist fills the canals with a rubber-like biocompatible material gutta-percha with adhesives to ensure the root canals are sealed entirely. They also place a temporary filling to close the opening in the crown.

5) Restoring the Tooth

After your final visit to the endodontist, you receive advice to visit our dentist in Spring, TX to restore your tooth with a permanent filling or a dental crown for protection and full functionality.

6) Placing a Post inside the Tooth

If your tooth lacks an adequate structure to hold a restoration, the endodontist might place a post inside the tooth.

Benefits of Receiving Root Canal Treatment

Root canals undoubtedly have a fearsome reputation and can make even the strong-hearted weak. However, this specialized endodontic procedure has several benefits that will leave you wondering why you feared this treatment instead of receiving it right away when suggested by our root canal dentist in Spring, TX, 77379. The benefits of root canal treatment or as follows:

    • Root canals help eliminate the excruciating pain you feel from your infected tooth to prevent many complications.

    • The treatment is not as painful as you imagine because the endodontist ensures your mouth is numb before starting the procedure.

    • Besides eliminating infections within the tooth, root canals help prevent general health issues because the treatment eradicates an infection in the tooth with the potential to damage your neighboring teeth, jawbone, and other parts of your body.

    • In addition, you can become susceptible to conditions like cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancer if the bacteria from the infection spreads through your bloodstream to your body.

    • Endodontic therapy helps preserve your natural tooth, which would otherwise need the extraction to prevent damage to your neighboring teeth and jawbone.

    • Most importantly, after restoring your tooth with a dental crown, you can continue using it for many years without enduring excruciating pain or fearing severe infections in your tooth.

When you hear the benefits of root canal treatments, you will undoubtedly become overwhelmed to think why you didn’t consider this treatment earlier and endured the discomfort by fearing this treatment similar to getting a tooth with a cavity filled.

Visit a Root Canal Endodontist Near You

You don’t become vulnerable to receiving root canal treatments if you ensure you prevent tooth decay and infections in your teeth besides getting treatments for any dental pain when suggested by the Spring endodontist. If you think root canals are painful, you can help by preventing the treatment by incorporating the following steps into your dental hygiene routine.

You must brush your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste and replace your toothbrush every quarterly. Flossing your teeth daily is also a requirement you cannot ignore. In addition, you must include a healthy diet and avoid sugary foods and beverages. Finally, if you incur damage to your mouth, receive treatments for dental issues immediately without wasting time. These measures help prevent root canals affordably instead of spending considerably to repair your teeth.

We at Spring Creek Forest Dental offer root canal treatment in Spring, TX to patients helping them save their natural teeth. However, if you suffer from excruciating pain in a specific tooth indicating the need for endodontic treatment, consult with our practice and receive the root canal you need before you might require tooth extraction.