What You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatments

When it comes to your child and their smile, you probably want it to be as protected and healthy as possible, right? At Spring Creek Forest Dental we are proud to provide fluoride treatments in Spring, TX for patients interested in additional protection for their smile. Preventive dentistry can be an excellent way to avoid complications and costly treatments down the road.

About Our Spring Fluoride Treatments

Did you know that fluoride actually naturally occurs all over the Earth? Fluoride can be found in soil, rocks, foods and even water! Research has shown that fluoride can actually strengthen teeth, remineralize them and protect them from decay! Newer research has also shown that fluoride treatments can even reverse early signs of tooth decay.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Yes, fluoride is completely safe when used in proper amounts. During your child’s fluoride treatment, a very tiny amount is used and applied directly to the teeth and dried. Very little, if any, fluoride is actually swallowed by the patient.

Spring Fluoride Treatment Process

The entire fluoride treatment process is extremely simple, quick and comfortable. The fluoride varnish is applied directly to the teeth and allowed to dry, which only takes a few minutes. We often recommend fluoride treatments during routine visits with the dentist following an examination and cleaning. Schedule your routine visit today for fluoride treatments in Spring, TX.

Dental Care After Fluoride Treatments

Following fluoride treatment, your child can eat and drink. We recommend only giving your child soft, cold or warm foods and beverages. Your child should not brush their teeth for at least 6 hours following fluoride treatment.

Schedule Fluoride Treatments in Spring, TX Today

Think that your family could benefit from fluoride treatments in Spring, TX? Schedule an appointment with Spring Creek Forest Dental today! We’re always accepting new patients and would be happy to provide additional protection for all your smiles. We look forward to meeting you!