Why Does a Root Canal Treatment Become Necessary

When the soft tissue within the root canal which is the pulp becomes infected or inflamed a root canal treatment becomes necessary. Why you may need this treatment will depend on several reasons such as tooth decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, a cracked or chip in the tooth or a faulty crown. Damage to the pulp may be caused by an injury to the tooth even if no chips or cracks are visible. If the inflammation or infection to the pulp is left untreated it can cause pain or even lead to a dental abscess. Many clinical reasons exist for needing root canal treatment just as there are practical reasons for saving the tooth. Researching for a dentist near me will only get you a referral to an endodontist who can provide the treatment and help you to maintain your natural smile, continue having the foods you love and limiting the need for ongoing dental work. If proper care is provided a tooth that has had root canal treatment can last for a lifetime.

Benefits of Having Root Canal Treatment

You are unlikely to feel any pain during root canal treatment and even less discomfort during the recovery than having a natural tooth extracted. Thankfully, modern techniques and effective anesthesia have ensured that patients who experience root canals are six times likelier to describe it as a painless procedure as compared to patients that have a tooth extracted. When you undergo a root canal the infected or inflamed pulp will be removed by the endodontist before cleaning the inside of the tooth and disinfecting it before filling and sealing it with a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha. The tooth can thereafter be restored with a crown or filling to protect it and will continue functioning like your existing teeth.

Root Canal Treatment Is a Virtually Painless Procedure

Root canal treatments are virtually painless leaving you with less discomfort than having a tooth extracted. Modern-day dentistry along with anesthesia have made the procedure painless for patients as compared to tooth extractions.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

The treatment is cost-effective as compared to tooth extractions because of the fewer dental appointments needed. Tooth extraction is time-consuming because patients will be required to follow-up with the dentist for dentures, bridges, or dental implants. Moreover, endodontic treatments are covered by most dental insurance plans.

Appealing Results Offered by Root Canal Treatments

Placing a crown over the tooth after a root canal can improve your smile and make you laugh out loud. The crowns function like natural teeth and also look good. Allocate some time to read more about root canal treatment along with some general misconceptions about it before taking the first step for a pain-free and healthy mouth by experiencing the procedure from an endodontist close by.

Endodontic Treatment Options of Other Types

Root Canal treatment in many cases saves your tooth or a lifetime but the results can differ in some patients. If you have already undergone endodontic treatment and are experiencing problems again or if you have been told that a root canal procedure is no longer suitable for you you must understand that other endodontic treatment options are still open.

Endodontic Retreatment

If you need endodontic retreatment the endodontist will open your tooth again by removing the filling materials placed during the first procedure. A careful examination of the tooth will be conducted by the endodontist looking for a new infection or additional canals. The professional will remove any infection, shape and clean the canals and place filling materials again. After the tooth heals a new crown or other restorations can be placed on the tooth for protection.

Myths about Root Canals

If you have been recommended root canal treatment you may be fearful because you are unfamiliar with the procedure. However, the dentist in Spring, TX, will explain that these treatments are unlikely to cause pain or illness which is a common misconception that has been spread about this treatment. The chances of saving your tooth diminish every day you delay the treatment simply because you are more familiar with the myths rather than the truth. Put your mind at ease and undergo the treatment from the Dentist in Spring, TX, to save your tooth from extraction.