Will I need a Dental Crown after Root Canal Therapy?

Will I need a Dental Crown after Root Canal Therapy?

October 1, 2019
A root canal therapy procedure is meant to thoroughly clean up the pulp chamber of your tooth. This way, all the dirt, bacteria, and pain goes away. Since the process gets rid of the nerve endings in your tooth, the tooth will lose sensitivity. This is not to mean that the tooth loses functionality. The reason is that the functionality of a mature tooth has nothing to do with the nerves. The removal of the pulp chamber is therefore not harmful to your tooth. Like such issues, you may have a lot of questions concerning the root canal therapy procedure. Luckily, a Dentist Spring TX can swiftly talk you through the whole process of getting a root canal therapy.

Should you be worried about an infection after therapy?

Soon after the therapy, there are still concerns over how to care for the newly treated tooth. Some patients even worry over future infection after therapy. As your family dentistry will advise you, there is nothing to worry about after the root canal therapy. A dentist is always cautious as to disinfect your tooth thoroughly. This ensures that further damage will not happen. However, after the root canal therapy, your tooth will require a permanent solution. This often means dental restoration. Usually, a dentist in Spring TX 77379 will tell you of the two options you need for this. One involves filling your tooth, while the other involves getting a dental crown.

How do you decide between a dental crown and filling?

If you got a root canal therapy near Spring TX, then a dentist will let you in on the need for a filling or a dental crown. Technically, both can prove helpful to complete your root canal therapy treatment. However, the dentist has to examine your tooth, considering different factors. Some factors include the previous damage of the tooth, the size of the access hole, and the strength of the tooth, among others. From the oral examination, a dentist can point you toward the best solution for your situation. Getting a dental crown is often preferred over a filling. The reason is that a dental crown is better at preventing coronal leakage than a filling would. Besides, you will need a solution that provides lasting service. This way, you do not have to keep visiting a dentist near you very few months.

Why do you need a dental crown?

Before you get worked up over why it is even necessary to add anything, you must consider the following factors:
  • The level of damage you had
  • Some people visit a dentist near them too late into a tooth cavity. In that case, your tooth may have suffered a lot of damage, including cracks and fractures. In such a case a dentist in 77379 may have to remove a large chunk of the internal structure of your tooth. When a big part of your tooth is removed, there is a need to fill the gap created to strengthen the tooth.
  • Your tooth needs strengthening
  • After everything you have been through, your tooth may not be as strong as it was before. The health of the tooth will no longer depend on the nerves and blood vessels in its root. Even though a tooth can be sustained by the supply of the surrounding tissues, it may not be as effective as before. This is why you need reinforcement to boost the strength of your treated tooth. Besides, the changes in the strength of tooth dentin (the hard calcified tissue of the tooth) due to chemicals used to clean it may call for reinforcement.
  • To seal the passage
  • The family dentist near you has to make an access hole on your tooth to perform the root canal therapy. After the procedure, you need something to seal the passage.
  • To improve the color of your tooth
  • Following root canal therapy, it is not strange that your tooth may slightly be discolored. If you dislike the grayed color of your treated tooth, then a dental crown is the perfect solution for you. The crown will give you a more natural-looking color to match the rest of your teeth.
Getting a dental crown may not be an emergency, but a necessity. Following your root canal therapy, consider getting a dental crown to increase the longevity of the newly treated tooth.
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