Zoom Whitening: Is It Right For You?

Tooth discoloration results from smoking; drinking coffee, tea, red wine and other dark liquids; and from aging. Zoom is a bleaching process performed in a dental office to lighten the enamel and the dentin of teeth. Dr. Noel Bachour, and the oral healthcare professionals at Spring Creek Forest Dental, located near you in Spring, Texas, want to educate their patients, current and new, on the Zoom bleaching process for consideration.

Consultation and Treatment Planning

Your dentist will need to determine if the Zoom process is right for you. This decision is based upon the health of the teeth and gums, overall oral hygiene and lifestyle. In addition, this whitening process may not be the best choice if other cosmetic or restorative procedures are planned. Existing dental work, such as veneers and crowns, will not respond to any whitening procedure.

The Zoom Procedure

This treatment typically takes about 1 hour after a professional cleaning. The gums and lips will be covered leaving only the teeth exposed. The dentist or hygienist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel and, together with the Zoom light, the gel will penetrate the teeth and break down the stains and the discoloration on the enamel. The gel remains on the teeth for 15 minutes and is re-applied in 3 additional 15-minute sessions. The final step is the application of a fluoride gel to reduce any sensitivity of the teeth.

Aftercare: Maintaining Whitening Effects

You will be able to maintain the whitening with the aftercare trays given by your dentist. It will be important to follow the post-procedure instructions on how and when to use the trays. The dentist may impose food and drink restrictions, as well as the elimination of tobacco products, to avoid staining. Toothpastes with whitening agents may also be recommended.


The Zoom procedure is not recommended for pre-teens or for pregnant or lactating women. Some patients experience sensitivity from the gel and discomfort from the light. Minor tingling may be felt afterward, but this always dissipates after a few hours.

Cost and Treatment Time

The average cost is $500 and, like most cosmetic dental treatments, is not covered by dental insurance. The treatment time will vary, but the average session lasts approximately 1 hour after the professional cleaning. Like most procedures, the results will differ from patient to patient. Only a dentist can determine if any whitening procedure is the right choice for the patient. If you would like a consultation about the Zoom whitening procedure, then please contact Dr. Noel Bachour and the oral healthcare specialists at Spring Creek Forest Dental in Spring, Texas. Dr. Bachour and the staff are trusted and highly recommended in the Zoom whitening procedure, as well as general and restorative treatments and procedures. New patients are always welcome at Spring Creek Forest Dental.