Root Canal Treatment in Spring, TX
Root Canal Treatment in Spring, TX

The pulp inside of a tooth can become infected as a result of an injury or a severe cavity. Without prompt treatment, the tooth may have to be removed as the infection gets too serious. A root canal treatment is a procedure in which the decayed pulp is extracted from the central part of the tooth. The canal is then reshaped and refilled with strengthening filler. Think you may benefit from root canal treatment in Spring, TX?

Reasons for Root Canals in 77379

Ideally, root canals are prevented by treating tooth damage when they first appear as cavities. A cavity occurs when the enamel of the tooth is broken down by acids. The cavity should be treated with a filling, but if it isn’t, the decay can burrow deeper into the tooth, causing damage to the tooth structure. A root canal then becomes necessary to preserve the tooth, retaining its original integrity and preventing the need for extraction.

Spring, TX Root Canal Procedure

At Spring Creek Forest Dentistry, we aim to perform this procedure in the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible. First, anesthesia or a sedative will be administered, according to your preference. A dental dam, which is a small sheet of rubber, is put into place to isolate the infected tooth to keep it clean and dry throughout the procedure. The top portion of the tooth is opened in order to access the inside of the tooth. The infected or dead dental pulp is then removed, and the inner chamber reshaped. Our expert endodontist near you may irrigate the chamber with water to remove remaining pulp or apply an antimicrobial solution to eliminate any remaining bacteria and reduce the risk of reinfection.

Once the chamber is thoroughly cleaned and dried, it will be filled. Most often, a substance called gutta percha is used. The opening will be closed with a temporary filling, later to be replaced with a permanent crown or another type of restoration to complete the procedure.

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