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If you have stained, chipped, decayed, or crooked teeth, one dental solution is dental veneers. These are thin shells that are custom-made and designed to cover the front side of the teeth to improve their appearance. Dental veneers can be made from a porcelain material or from resin composite materials.

They are bonded to the front of the teeth to change their appearance in color, shape, size, or length. Dental veneers can also be used to fix gaps in between teeth, or teeth that have been worn down. Like other dental restorations, veneers are not permanent – they may need replacement after some time. However, they are very durable and, with good care, can provide you with a beautiful smile for many years.


The procedure to get veneers placed typically takes two office visits. During the first visit, the dentist will clean the tooth and, working with you, choose the shade (color) of the veneer. A minimal amount of enamel will need to be removed from the surface of the tooth to make room for the veneer. Local anesthesia usually is not needed during this process, but it can be used if a patient is particularly sensitive.

Once the tooth has been sufficiently filed down, the dentist will take a mold or impression of it to be sent to a laboratory where the veneer will be created. A temporary veneer may be placed until your next visit. When you return to the dentist office, the temporary veneer will be removed. The tooth will be cleaned once more and prepared to receive the veneer by being polished and etched. This etching will roughen it and allow the veneer to bond with it better. Once the veneer is placed on the tooth using a special cement, it is light-contoured to harden. It is cleaned and polished, and adjustments are made as necessary. You may need to return for a follow-up appointment so your dentist can check on the fit of your new dental veneers.


Lumineers work in the same way to address the same problems as dental veneers, but they have the additional advantages of being thinner, so that little alteration needs to be done to the tooth, lasting longer (over 20 years), and the treatment is reversible. Speak with our dentist to determine which solution is best for you. For dental lumineers visit us today or call us now to schedule an appointment to get that perfect smile.


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