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Over time, teeth tend to lose their whiteness and appear darker or more yellow naturally. Drinking coffee, tea, or red wine can also cause tooth discoloration, as well as smoking or chewing tobacco. Zoom system from the Netherlands process is an effective solution for lightening the discoloration of enamel and dentin while leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged. For zoom teeth whitening schedule your appointment today!

Before choosing the Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure, our dentist will consult with you on your goals as well as oral health, to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to undergo treatment. He or she will note any existing dental work, such as crowns or veneers, which do not respond to conventional whitening agents.


The zoom-in-office teeth whitening procedure itself takes approximately one hour, but it’s generally recommended that it’s preceded by regular teeth cleaning. Prior to your teeth whitening procedure, your mouth is prepped by getting the lips and gums covered, leaving the teeth exposed. Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel (a 25% solution) is applied to the teeth and left for 15 minutes while the Zoom light is activated and applied. This light penetrates the teeth to break up stains and discoloration. The process is repeated two more times (for a total of three 15-minute sessions of light activation) before the procedure is completed. Afterward, a fluoride paste-gel is applied to the teeth to reduce sensitivity.

You will receive a Zoom home-use touch-up kit that includes custom-fitted whitening trays along with instructions from your dentist on how and when to use it.


Zoom is not recommended for children under 13 years of age or for pregnant or lactating women. Additionally, individuals with a strong gag reflex or anxiety may have difficulty undergoing the entire procedure. Speak with your dentist to determine whether this procedure is right for you. Call us now to book an appointment with us today!


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Zoom Teeth Whitening: Causes, Types, and Procedure

Zoom whitening is a very popular process for teeth whitening. The complete procedure takes one hour but it is suggested to get prior checks before the treatment. The dentist covers the lips and gums before applying Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. This process helps in removing the stains and discoloration on teeth. It improves the appearance of your teeth and not much expensive and inconvenience.

Causes of Tooth Staining

The main cause of teeth discoloration is food and diet. There are a few other causes- Medicine: The teeth become dull due to certain types of medications and antibiotics. Excessive Fluoride: Fluoride is good for teeth but intake of excessive cause discoloration. Genetics and Aging: The enamel of your teeth wears and the natural yellow or brown color of the underlying dentin layer gets visible. Dental Damage: Injury or falls causes sizable cracks in the teeth and collect large amounts of stains and debris. Dark Drinks: Dark liquids such as fruit juice, soda, coffee, tea and red wine. Colorful Foods: Deep colored heavily pigmented foods such as cherries, blueberries, cranberries and soy sauce. Bad Oral Hygiene: Stain-producing substances not removed regularly from your teeth lead bacteria build-up.

Types of Tooth Stains

There are two types of teeth staining- Extrinsic Staining and Intrinsic Staining

Extrinsic Staining

These are caused by external factors such as coffee, red wine, tea and more which can be removed. Few stains can be removed with regular brushing and dental cleanings. Some stubborn stains can be removed with dental procedures like teeth bleaching or whitening.

Intrinsic Staining

It is much deeper in the tooth than extrinsic stains which form in the interior of teeth. This is the result from trauma, aging, exposure to minerals.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

In-Office Whitening:

The dentist applies high-concentration peroxide gel and ensures that the gums and mouth are protected from the application. The gel is left on the teeth for 15 to 20-minutes. The results are immediate as compared to take-home kits.

Zoom Whitening Cost

This is a costly process which includes a post-treatment application of fluoride in the form of take-home trays.